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Welcome to PUBLICPerformance™, a cloud-based performance measurement system designed 
specifically for the public sector. 

Designed at one of the most prestigious schools of Public Administration in the world, PUBLICPerformance is a joint venture between The School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University-Newark, and the Public Technology Institute in Washington D.C.”

This project was four years in the making, incorporating advice and guidance from dozens of local, state and federal institutions. The goal of PUBLICPerformance™ is to provide a zero-cost solution to your performance measurement and improvement needs. Unlike some systems designed in a vacuum, PUBLICPerformance™ utilizes over 25 years of public sector research from The National Center for Public Performance at Rutgers University-Newark and the input from professionals around the county.

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This video demo will familiarize you with the look and feel of our platform, and with many of its features.

Want more details?
See our About, Product, Contact Us,
or Privacy sections. 

   Six reasons to sign up now! 
    1. Based on decades of research at a major academic institution

    2. Free to use (U.S. municipal entities, students, and faculty)*

    3. Choose from one to eighteen service areas

    4. Access proven ideas for substantial budgetary and quality improvements

    5. Simple Setup—no software installation or maintenance

    6. Can be operated by existing staff—
    no need for additional IT personnel

       *U.S. and Canadian governments, 
      International organizations, please
      contact us for pricing

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