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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the information we collect from you, and the use of that information. This refers to all types of information that you provide to us through the PUBLICPerformance platform:

1. Your personal information,
2. Your municipal profile information, and 
3. Your municipality-level service area information.

Outlined below are definitions of each type of information, how we handle that information, and what access level is available to each type of information.

Your privacy is very important to us. If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy on PUBLICPerformance™ that are not addressed in this policy, then please send us an email at 

. Personal Information

For every user with a unique user name and password on an account, we collect information that identifies them individually, or personal information. This type of information includes a user’s email and first and last name, and is used to help us communicate quickly and directly with a user with a specific system concern.

Each subscribed municipality is one unique account with the potential for multiple users on that account. For each account there is one user who serves as the main liaison with our PUBLICPerformance™ team. This user is typically the manager of their municipality, or the head of the team using our system. For this user—the “Manager” role in our system—we may collect additional personal information, such as any comments they provide to us through our system feedback mechanisms. As they serve as our main point of contact with a municipal client, we may also track other relevant information in order to assess the extent to which our system is meeting their needs and to which their experience as a client account is improving.

2. Municipal Profile Information

Municipal profile information may include your personal information if you are the manager for your municipality’s account.

Municipal profile information is information that identifies your municipality. This information includes your municipality’s name, population, median income, budget, and other information that helps us develop a characterization—or profile—of your municipality. This information is used toward assigning a municipality to the appropriate Peer Group—a group of municipalities also using our system that fall into a similar profile as yours, and against which you may anonymously compare your performance; your municipality will remain anonymous (listed among your peers as “Municipality 1”, for example), unless you select to make your municipality information available to those in your Peer Group.

In short, your municipality can select to make your municipal profile information as public as you like (via opt in selections). Otherwise, PUBLICPerformance™ keeps this information private and uses it only to assign your municipality to the appropriate peer group.

3. Service Area Information

The term “service area” is used to describe municipal departments, or teams within a department that offer a specific service to your municipal residents, such as Parks and Recreation, Roads, or Fire. In using PUBLICPerformance™, you enter performance data on the operations of your selected service area, such as the revenues you’re your golf courses for the quarter, or how quickly you cleared snow from the roads this month.

Public or Peer Access?
All of the service area data that you enter in PUBLICPerformance™ is private unless you choose (via an explicit opt in) to share it with the municipalities in your Peer Group, or with the public at large. Otherwise, your private entries can only be accessed with your own username and password. Additionally, and implicitly, your entries are not indexed by Google search or any other search engine.

Team Access?
The Manager of your account controls system access levels, and can designate different access levels for different team member users on your account. If you are on a team, all of your service area information that you enter in PUBLICPerformance™ is private within the team. Your private entries can only be accessed with your username and password or that of a team member, depending on access levels set by the Manager on your municipality’s account.

For example, if the Police Department of a large town enters its own service area data directly, the town manager can set access levels such that only the town manager and those entering data for the Police Department have access to the Police Department’s data. That would prevent, for example, the person entering data for the Parks and Recreation Department from viewing or editing the data for the Police Department.

Conversely, a town manager may also select for every user under their municipal account on the system to have full access to all information in every service area. This is something that the municipal manager may customize according to the town’s preferences.

General Security for All Information

Your entries are not encrypted, but our policy is never to allow our site administrators to access stored municipal data, except to troubleshoot an issue. We also never allow outsiders or contractors to see the contents of our database, unless in aggregate (the mean value for a certain variable across all user accounts in your Peer Group, for example).

For all three types of information that we gather and store, only direct employees and select partners of PublicPerformance™ have access to your individual municipality’s profile information. We will never share or sell your individual account information with anyone else.

How is my personal information secure?
Your PUBLICPerformance™ account is protected by your username and password. To protect your username and password, be sure to log out of your account when you are finished using PUBLICPerformance™ and to limit access to your computer.

We use industry standard practices to ensure that your sensitive data is secure. We do store encrypted passwords so we can authenticate users, but these passwords are highly encrypted and cannot be de-crypted. They are never stored in a non-encrypted format.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to transmit sensitive information. We do our best to protect and keep your information secure—but cannot guarantee that your information is secure from unauthorized entry or use, given the nature of the Internet.

What information does PUBLICPerformance™ collect about me?
We only collect the information that we need so that you can use the service including, but not limited to, your email address, first and last name, IP address, web browser, and mobile device.

Does PUBLICPerformance™ share my personal information with or sell my personal information to third parties?
We do not sell to or share with third parties your personal information. We work with trusted third party services, such as our secure credit card processor, web site developers and data storage provider, to bring our service to you. We may share limited personal information only for the purpose of providing our service to you.

What is your policy on children's privacy?
We do not knowingly solicit or collect individually identifying information from children under the age of 13.

Will this privacy policy change?
From time to time, minor changes may be made to the Privacy Policy. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will appear here.

How do I contact you with questions or concerns?
Please send us an email at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy.

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